• 01
    What is the World Bit Bank project?

    The project involves the development of blockchain-based technology and the establishment, via the acquisition of existing banks, of an international cryptocurrency bank under the World Bit Bank (WBB) brand.

  • 02
    What sets World Bit Bank apart from other projects?

    Unlike other projects that have failed to take off, often due to a lack of enough attention to legal aspects, as well as proper understanding of how the banking sector operates.

    The World Bit Bank project includes everything a modern bank customer and business needs. This is full legality of deals, which can be used in tax filings and our full responsibility for the use of funds that have been issued or entrusted to us. Particularly:

    • Availability of a regulated bank.
    • Support for use of crytocurrency assets.
    • Scalability.
    • Availability of a bank license.
    • Availability of physical branches that can be accessed by customers and revenue bodies.
    • SWIFT, processing, acquiring.
    • 24/7 accessibility.
  • 03
     Why are you buying an existing bank?

    Many conditions have to be met before establishing any bank. One of the primary conditions is obtaining a license to handle banking and financial transactions.

    The project of establishing a cryptocurrency bank involves the purchase of 10 existing banks in order to integrate into the banking and financial world new technologies and cryptocurrencies, in countries such as: USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Japan, India, Australia, Turkey and Brazil. The first bank will be purchased in the EU.

    The banks will have the necessary licenses as they are already operational.

  • 04
    Where will the first bank be acquired?

    The first bank will be purchased in the EU.

  • 05
    If you can buy a company in the EU, why can’t you afford to buy a bank without the ICO?

    Our financial and professional capabilities are vast, but still everything has a limit. Either way, we will need servicing, funding, support, personnel, infrastructure development, scaling and all that is impossible without your support.

  • 06
    What has been done already?

    We have already established a company (World Bit Group OÜ, registrikood 14417301 asukoht Parda th 4-411 Tallinn) to conduct the PRE-ICO for implementation of this project, legally in the EU.

    In February 2018 the company obtained a permit to work with cryptocurrency - virtual exchange, virtual wallet services (screenshots of the page) in full compliance with Estonian anti-money laundering and financial terrorism laws.

    We have also developed the prototype WBB Wallet.

  • 07
    What are the PRE-ICO terms?

    At PRE-ICO we will raise:
    SOFT CAP = €500 thousand
    HARD CAP €25 million Wibcoin (WBBC) tokens will be issued.

    1 WBB token has a price of €1.

    For buying 100 – 500  Wibcoin tokens, a 10% bonus will be offered.

    For buying 500 – 1000  Wibcoin tokens, a 15 % bonus will be offered.

    For buying 1000 – 5000  Wibcoin tokens, a 20 % bonus will be offered.

    For buying 5000 – 10000  Wibcoin tokens, a 25 % bonus will be offered.

  • 08
    Are there geographical restrictions on buying the Wibcoin (WBBC) token?

    There are no geographical restrictions on buying the Wibcoin (WBBC) token.

  • 09
    What currencies can be used to buy Wibcoin (WBBC) tokens?

    Wibcoin (WBBC) tokens are bought using the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

  • 10
    What is the minimum purchase of Wibcoin (WBBC) during ICO?

    The minimum purchase of the Wibcoin (WBBC) coin is€ 1.

  • 11
    What will happen with unsold Wibcoin (WBBC) tokens?

    Wibcoin (WBBC) tokens will be issued as ethers for smart contracts come in.

  • 12
    In which blockchain will the Wibcoin (WBBC) tokens be issued?

    The Wibcoin (WBBC) token will be sold on the Ethereum public blockchain as an ERC20* standard.

  • 13
    Will Wibcoin (WBBC) tokens be issued on major exchange platforms?

    After ICO, the Wibcoin (WBBC) token will be trading at the following exchanges: Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Polonix, Binance, HitBTC, Yobit.net.

  • 14
    When will Wibcoin (WBBC) tokens be available on other exchanges?

    Wibcoin (WBBC) tokens will be available on other exchanges after ICO.

  • 15
    What will World Bit Bank ICO participants get?

    Individuals and corporate clients buying Wibcoin (WBBC) tokens worth between 1 and 10 ETH, and upwards of 10 ETH, will be offered extra bonuses in the form of free debit cards (VISA or MASTERCARD).

    Investors investing less than 1 ETH will receive a World Bit Bank virtual card.

    After ICO, all participants and other clients of the banking group will gain access to all electronic platforms of the World Bit Bank ecosystem, specifically:

    • WBB Wallet;
    • WBB Mobile Banking;
    • WBB Exchange;
    • WBB - Found;
    • “WBB Depositary” (digital asset storage).
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